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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is specifically designed for individual without any insurance. We believe Direct Primary Care is ideal for any family with children or individual but no insurance or high deductible plan.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a direct relationship between patient and provider where the physician works directly for the patient. For a flat monthly fee, patients will have open access to the physician, with no co-pays, no deductibles and no additional fees!

Without the burden of insurance plans, physicians spend more time for each patient during one unhurried visit.

When medically appropriate, some care can be managed over the phone or via secure messaging, without an office visit, which is often called a technology visit.

Patients will have access to deeply discounted labs, imaging and injectable medications. Our pricing is minimum and transparent that patients will no longer be surprised. Hope Family Medicine believes DPC model will help the patient save time and money and allow patients to be in charge of their healthcare again.

    What sets Hope Family Medicine apart from other primary care offices?
  • Same day or next-business-day appointments (for member patients) Monday through Friday, excluding office holidays

  • No scheduling fees or co-pays

  • More time spent with the physician - 30 minute appointments instead of 5-10

  • Less waiting: Unhurried appointments

  • After hour communication directly with your physician via text,video and phone services

  • Labs and radiology at significant discount ( We negotiated better pricing for you)

  • Many in office tests included free with membership

  • Less paperwork - we work for you, the patient and not the insurance company

  • Reduced office visits - some routine or simple issues may be safely handled via telephone or text messaging ,video-conferencing such as through Kakao talk/Facetime

  • Increased access to your physician, reducing the need for emergency room or urgent care visits

  • Transparent pricing – we work for you to minimize the cost. No surprise bills!

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